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Re: [yast-devel] Solution for bug #798348
Op maandag 4 maart 2013 06:47:28 schreef Andrey Borzenkov:
If at the point where Reload is called service has already been
switched, it is too late. It has to be done before.

Stop old service
Switch definitions
Start new service

I used module network of YaST to change only the method from Traditional to
NetworkManager. YaST did the wrong thing, the reload. I used the commands to
make the change effective and I saw immediately after that the icon of the
applet appear on my desktop.

The flow in this module is AFAIK that when method NetworkManager is active,
you can't make any change, except the change in the method to Traditional. So
when you do that you can change the configuration for the method. But this
configuration is not active because it is not used by the still active
NetworkManager, which has a completely separate configuration, right? So when
leaving the module you can stop the old service, switch the definitions, and
start the new service, right?

BTW. At line 526 in Lan.ycp there is the following call for a bash script

/usr/lib/NetworkManager/nm-opensuse-sysconfig-merge --connections

however I could not find this script on my system. Does it never get called?


Freek de Kruijf

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