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Re: [yast-devel] Re: SVN -> Git: Different Approach to Migration
Dne 7.5.2012 15:56, J. Daniel Schmidt napsal(a):
On Tuesday 24 April 2012 14:01:53 Bernhard M. Wiedemann wrote:

And as we'd like to move from SVN to GitHub module by module
anyway, I propose to start moving them right now - if there is a
module that can be converted and moved, let's do it now and don't
wait for other ones.

if you have modules that had no changes since 2012-02-28, you can
git clone
right now

If you had changes, we would need a newer SVN-dump, but Daniel who did
this dump last time is on vacation until 2012-05-06

As there were commits since Feburary, I'd recommend to do another full run
with a new SVN dump and our current filter set.

All successful modules can migrate. The others will remain until they are
fixed and migrated manually. IIRC it was something between 3 and 5 repos
failing during our latest test.

Anyhow, in order not lose any commits you need to announce the date and time
for this to all developers as all SVN commits after the latest dump will not
be in the git repo and thus would be lost.

To prevent this, turn the repo to read-only mode before creating the dump. I can assist with this.

With the commit logs being sent to a mailing list, it should be easy to spot accidental commits to wrong repostory after partial migration.


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