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Re: [yast-devel] Gloves: Permissions Overview
On Thu, 29 Mar 2012 11:33:30 +0200
"Michal Filka" <michal.filka@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Well, that is not exactly true, as for this specific purpose I plan
to create third agent - directory agent, which have permission to
create/read/modify/delete any file in directory ( read and modify
have almost identical interface as FileAgent )
So you can have permission for directory "/etc/sysconfig/network/"
and then you can handle all files in this directory. For me it is
still low-level operation and don't need any logic from upper
layer. We just need to ensure, that we handle correctly paths ( no
path escaping anywhere ).

There is second part of the problem. There can be many ifcfg-* files,
you never know which ones.

I think that method read should return list of files, so you should
know it.

Moreover, all those files can be processed
by one lens (as almost all sysconfig files). So, the discussion was
also about "How to create config file agent which is not fixed to
particular file"

There should be always some restriction. All /etc/sysconfig is just
sysconfigs, but permission to this files can be really various.

My idea is that inside of add/edit action you have something ( you have
ruby, so various nice ways ) that map file to lense. And then you just
pass map to augeas with given lense.

So in code of directory agent can be something like

lense = case file
when /ifcfg-.*/ then "sysconfig.lense"
when /scrips/ then "bash.lense"
else raise "unsuported File"



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