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[yast-devel] Migrate YaST svn to git
Dear YaST-Hackers,

As we heared from various sides about a switch of the YaST source code from
SVN to git - here is all information about it.

Last year we (Klaus Kämpf, Lukas Ocilka, Martin Vidner and me) started to look
into a migration of the YaST svn repo to git.
We did not succeed back then, as our usage of svn is not that simple as in
other repos. I already migrated smaller projects with git-svn within a few
minutes - but this approach did not work for YaST.

The topic popped up again recently and Bernhard Wiedemann and me looked into
it again last week and found a new solution. Within 1.5 days we created a tool
around svndumpfilter3 [1] that looks very promising.

Our Goals
In long discussions in 2011 the initiators agreed on these set of goals that
we should meet:

* have one git repo per YaST module

* have all history in the repos including all branches and tags

* have a kind of yast-meta repo containing scripts that are able to checkout
single or all yast repos in the same style like the current svn checkout
or to search within the other repos
Thomas Göttlicher <tgoettlicher@xxxxxxx> is collecting your usecases
(like 'find latest version tag of package X in distribution Y', ...)

* cleanup and unify the branch and tag names
Find all details about it at:

* automatically move all repos to*

Current Status
We have some of the modules converted and published for you as a PREview.

Please have a look at your module and report issues to this list or directly
to Bernhard and me (bwiedemann@xxxxxxx , jdsn@xxxxxxx).

Please do NOT push these repos to github or use them for development now.
These are only published for you to get a first impression and to find errors.

Once everything works, we will create repos on and push the final repos to
github, all automatically. Thus don't even create a repo there yet.

Due to proirities Bernhard and me work on this task in our free time. But we
already got so far that we think that we are able to finish the conversion
within a few days (see plan below). Anyhow we do not have a fixed date yet. We
have to solve a hand full of issues to make the conversion complete.

Final Migration
This is our plan for the final migration once our tests succeed we will
1. announce the final switch at least two days beforehand
2. switch the svn repo to read-only on 'a' Friday afternoon
3. create a final svn dump
4. run the conversion tool (this is the most time consuming job)
5. automatically create repos on github/yast/*
6. upload the final git repos

If all works well, you can find an announcement of the conversion in your
inbox on Monday morning.

We do not have a date yet for the conversion. So there will be another

If there are any blockers or issues on your side please speak up or contact
Bernhard and me (see above). Any other kind of feedback is welcome as well.



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