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[yast-devel] Re: [yast-commit] r66356 - in /trunk/snapper: ./ agent-snapper/src/ package/ src/ testsuite/tests/
Dne 10.10.2011 12:54, jsuchome@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx napsal(a):

--- trunk/snapper/agent-snapper/src/ (original)
+++ trunk/snapper/agent-snapper/src/ Mon Oct 10 12:54:07 2011
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@
* search the map for value of given key; both key and value have to be
-string SnapperAgent::getValue (const YCPMap map, const string key, string
+string SnapperAgent::getValue (const YCPMap &map, const string key, const
string deflt)

Parameters key and deflt should be passed as a reference (missing & there).
(If the parameter is 'const' type it's safe to use a reference to it.)

if (!map->value(YCPString(key)).isNull()
&& map->value(YCPString(key))->isString())
-int SnapperAgent::getIntValue (const YCPMap map, const string key, int deflt)
+int SnapperAgent::getIntValue (const YCPMap &map, const string key, const
int deflt)

The same here and at some more places. (Just const reference to int doesn't make
sense here.)

if (!map->value(YCPString(key)).isNull() &&
map->value(YCPString(key))->isInteger()) {
return map->value(YCPString(key))->asInteger()->value();

I think you can avoid recreating YCPString object several times and searching
in the
map by storing it into an YCPValue variable (it's like any in YCP):

YCPValue val = map->value(YCPString(key));

if (!val.isNull() && val->isInteger()) {
return val->asInteger()->value();

(well, IIRC this could be also used in pkg-bindings at some places...)


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