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Re: [yast-devel] Changing the Attitude to Coding YaST
You crazy. I will never pick up a language without a debugger. Life
is too short to be using print statements. I don't have the time or
bandwidth to even figure out where I would need to put a print statement?
If I run into a problem, I would love to attach to a process and figure
out what it's doing. It's the fastest way to learn a complex system like
Yast without having to spend hours and hours walking code.

The dilemma we are in right now is:
On the one hand we want to attract more people to develop YaST modules, we
want to make it easy for them so they love to code YaST modules.
On the other hand we want to switch our own language YCP and stick to a
used language and gain their debugger, testing infrastructure ... aso.

OK. So why not extend an EXISTING language that already has
a debugger/profiler, IDE, whatever. I remember seeing a while
back on this list talk about using ruby? And hey look ruby has
a debugger ( !!!

Now we need to figure out how much time we want to spend on both of this
(without making anyone angry because he had hard time learning YCP and then
drop it in favour of the new language).

Gotcha. Well, you guys have a big decision to make then. But this is the
next step to make if Yast is to grow beyond SuSE and make it more attractive
to the masses.

Roberto Angelino
Dedicated Partner Engineer
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