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[yast-devel] Separation libYUI - GsoC Project Report
  • From: "N.B.Prashanth" <>
  • Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2011 17:54:35 +0530
  • Message-id: <1307363079.2357.6.camel@nbp-fedora>

I am working on the libYUI project this year under the mentorship of
Martin Vidner. This is my report for the second week of GsoC (May 23 -
June 04).

I am maintaining a gitorious repository at and a
blog at All weekly reports and other updates
are updated on the blog as well.

REPORT (As on the blog)

This is my GsoC report for the first two weeks (May 23 – June 04). I
will also in brief state the goals of the project and the future plans.

My project for this years GsoC is “Separating libYUI” for the OpenSUSE
organization. My mentor for the project is Martin Vidner and the
abstract can be found at :

Let me begin by laying out the main goals of this project. The project
aims to :

Separate YUI from the YaST framework.
Port YUI to other major Operating Systems such as Ubuntu and
Remove the libzypp dependency for the gtk pluging and hence making
YUI SUSE-independent.
Improve documentation with doxygen.
Provide small tutorials.
To provide a large and non-trivial example to show the capability of

The work done so far is listed below :

libYUI has been successfully compiled on Ubuntu 11.04 and Fedora
Initial packages for libYUI along with ncurses and Qt plugins have
been made. They are available in my gitorious account :
Small scale examples are being added to this blog. I will try to
maintain a weekly schedule.
Currently, I am trying to eliminate the libzypp dependency for the
Gtk plugin. This is important as libzypp is highly OpenSUSE
The packages are currently in the testing phase. So all interested
people, please feel free to test and post any bugs you may find in
comments section. Please note, this is an initial version.
Patches have been made for small bugs like “long long” warnings and
enumeration ending with a ‘,’. More serious bugs, if reported will
tended to when encountered.

Another important change that I would like to implement is the use of a
uniform build system. Currently, some parts use CMake while others use
autotools. Though this does not make much of a difference to the outside
world, I think it will be easier for developers and porters in the long
run. But this will be done later on unless there is an urgent need for

Since my end semester exams ended on May 27th, no work was done during
the first week of GsoC. Hence, this can be regarded as a summary of my
work for the second week (May 29 – June 04). Also, please note that I
will maintain weekly reports on the blog henceforth.

Please feel free to add comments and suggestions below.


In addition to the above, i have uploaded the docs and a build script.
The build script is just a simple shell script to automate building
rpms. The reason for this is that I would be able to get a 64 bit rpm
from volunteers and updating rpms later on would be easier. Similarly, I
will work on 64 bit packages for Ubuntu soon.


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