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[yast-devel] RFC: Google Summer of Code 2011 ideas

prompted by Miska, Pavol, and Stano, I've been thinking how YaST can
take part in GSoC, under the openSUSE umbrella.
This is not finished, but I am being distracted by bugs so here is
what I have so far for inspiration and discussion. Google starts
accepting organization applications on Monday.


== YaST

=== Template: Idea Name


'''Required knowledge:'''

'''Skill level:'''

'''Mentor:''' [[User:foo|Foo Bar]]

'''Student:''' STUDENT NEEDED

=== Use Augeas in YaST back-end

[ Augeas] is a library to parse and write
configuration files, using a generic mechanism driven by grammars
("lenses"). YaST has been using "agents" for this task, some of
them also configurable, though in a more limited way.

==== Ambitious goal: replace all parser agents by Augeas lenses.

==== Medium goal: replace the major agents by Augeas

The major agents include ag_ini and ag_any.

==== Small goal: replace a couple of agents by Augeas

Choose some agents for the pilot. The majority of the project would
be infrastructure: binding Augeas to the YaST library so that it can
be easily used from the YCP language.

'''Required knowledge:''' C++ for binding A to Y (? maybe
unnecessary, could go via py/rb/pl); learn a little YCP

'''Skill level:'''

'''Mentor:''' [[User:Mvidner|Martin Vidner]] (feel free to replace

'''Student:''' STUDENT NEEDED

=== Separate libyui

yast2-libyui is still coupled to YaST too much. Make it a truly
standalone project.

=== Do the whole Amaranth

(But we want to work on that too at the same time. What part is well

Martin Vidner, YaST developer

Kuracke oddeleni v restauraci je jako fekalni oddeleni v bazenu
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