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Re: [yast-devel] Direction of YaST Architecture?
* Arvin Schnell <aschnell@xxxxxxx> [Jan 31. 2011 10:54]:

The currently generated bindings for libstorage are so bad that
almost every function has handwritten make-it-usable-code in
YCP. This hinders moving code from YCP to C++. Apart from that we
even need workarounds in libstorage to avoid seg. faults since
the bindings cannot handle C++ strings (that internally have
pointers) inside structs.

Fully agreed.

And AFAIK the handwritten bindings for libzypp are always a bit
outdated and lack features.

Thats why the libzypp-bindings are currently moving away from being
generated automatically to a clearly defined API. It is a bit more
work upfront but provides a couple of advantages like

- dramatically reducing the size of the generated bindings
(because almost all C++ type conversions can be dropped)
- hiding the libzypp internals
(who cares for 'zypp.ZYppFactory_instance().getZYpp()' ?)
- make the API fit natural into the target language
- backwards compatibility
(provide the same binding package across multiple versions
of libzypp)

This is work-in-progress, see zypp-devel for details.

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