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Re: [yast-devel] migrated to a new machine
  • From: Thomas Fehr <fehr@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 12:45:28 +0200
  • Message-id: <20100818104527.GG13325@xxxxxxx>
On Wed, Aug 18, Jiri Srain wrote:

On Wednesday 18 August 2010 11:48:59 Thomas Fehr wrote:

On Wed, Aug 18, Jiri Srain wrote:


Last night, was migrated to a new machine. Currently

there are some problems with the new server (you get error messages

while commiting, commit mails are not sent), I hope to get them solved

during today.

I did a commit yesterday to

s This commit vanished. Resvision of my local working copy is: 62387

Revision of my working copy seems to be newer than waht is on new SVN


Lagrange:/usr/src/yast2/storage/storage/src > svn up

svn: No such revision 62387

Lagrange:/usr/src/yast2/storage/storage/src > svn log

svn: No such revision 62387

Lagrange:/usr/src/yast2/storage/storage/src >

So it looks as if changes got lost while copying data to new server.

It should be fixed now (as you already confirmed via phone). Unfortunately,
changes which have been done today was lost (I'm aware of Jiri being affected
by this, hopefully he is the only one, as commit was not possible through the

Committing in general should work now, commit mails are still not working.

Yes, works fine now. Thanks for fixing this so fast.

I just created SuSE-Code-11-SP2-Branch/ and copied storage into it to have
a place where I can put the changes for backport of support for 4k disks and
parted 2.2 into SLES11 code base.

Currently I just copied storage into SuSE-Code-11-SP2-Branch not all other
packages, since I do not want to enforce other package maintainer when to create
their new branch for SP2. Of course this means that every package maintainer
who wants to work on SP2 has to copy his package to SP2 branch himself.

The copying can be done the following command:
svn copy

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