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[yast-devel] webyast, some issues
  • From: "Duncan Mac-Vicar P." <dmacvicar@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 00:49:37 +0200
  • Message-id: <200907150049.38112.dmacvicar@xxxxxxx>

So, another round of tests :-)

- Permissions setup

In theory, there are 2 groups of permissions:

- the ones for the service, which allows it to read policykit permisions,
execute scr/YaST calls, and do some packagekit stuff.

- the per service ACLs, which represent resources, and that ones are used by
the service to check if the logged user has permission (when it is a pam
user), which are executed by the service if the user is authorized by using
his powers coming from the permissions above.

To quicly setup the permissions, policyKit-rights.rb uses polkit-auth $user --
explicit to see what permissions are on. This option excludes permissions set
by adding a match tag on PolicyKit.conf, is that intented?

The same things does then the system_check tag, which complains that some
actions are not authorized for current user, even if they are using
PolicyKit.conf (which is not explicit).

CCing Marcus and Ludwig here :-)

- Login slow

It seems the health status (or something else) takes some time, and makes the
impression login would take forever.

- tests

How are tests in all plugins supposed to be run? I am confused with some tasks
being at the top-level, others shared in webservice-tasks, others specific to
the webclient or service, and other stuff is implemented in script/something
(why not a task?)

- How is, in a similar fashion packaging done? (in order to integrate it to


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