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[yast-devel] Prague YaST team meeting 2009-04-23
  • From: Jano Kupec <jkupec@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 09:28:50 +0200
  • Message-id: <49F6B032.80702@xxxxxxx>
Present: jkupec, jreidinger, jsrain, jsuchome, juhliarik, kmachalkova,
locilka, lslezak, mvidner, mzugec
Next minutes: jreidinger

YaST as Web Service
* lslezak documented the d-bus service interface at

* new version of perl-bootloader submitted to factory (jreidinger)
* YaST Bootloader module gets adopted (juhliarik)

* Installation blocker (bnc#493152)
mvidner & coolo investigates the cause of YaST hanging when executing
an external program. Seems it has something to do with
what we call in the signal handlers (e.g. to get the crash backtrace)
and the way how yast calls external programs. Multithreaded programs
should not use signal-unsafe functions between fork and exec. and in
signal handlers. So we had to remove the crash backtrace logging.
(update: backtrace is back in yast-core-2.18.9)

YaST i18n
* kmachalkova wrote a wiki about i18n in YaST [2] (best practices,
hints for developers).

Call for testing
fate#305306 - yast2-iscsi-client has rewritten dialog workflow to edit
connection properties
bnc#495429 - fixed listen.conf parser for yast2-http-server

* Repair:
jreidinger is fixing the module

* Partitoner:
button equivalents to the context menu items added to the UI

* Product Creator:
jsuchome is testing fixes for 11.1 bugs, will be probably
released as updates

* kmachalkova & mzugec gave presentation about automated (AutoYaST)
and network installation of openSUSE at Prague's LinuxExpo event
[1] lslezak and jsrain helped at openSUSE booth.

* Minimized Jukebox-DJ effects when using more physical media-based
Add-On products during installation at once. (locilka)


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