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[yast-devel] preparing for demo, changes
  • From: "Duncan Mac-Vicar P." <dmacvicar@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2009 21:39:42 +0200
  • Message-id: <49F4B87E.4070907@xxxxxxx>
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As we have to demo on Tuesday, and on Thursday it was pretty broken :-),
I went over all the code to make it work again. I did some pretty
important changes which I detail below, and I enumerate below some
topics we need to discuss this week in a separate mail. Also at the end
I enumerate some code related issues I found, in a separate mail.

- - First, moved all *-plugin to plugins/*
plugins don't have src/ directory anymore, they start at the top-level
(app, controller...)
and the spec and dist files are in the package/ directory.
1.- all rails plugins are hosted that way. If some day we split a
plugin, the plugin has to start in the directory where lib, app, etc
are. That allows people to use script/plugin. It is a convention,
changing it breaks any existing rails tools.
2.- originally, goal was to avoid symlinking and finding plugins
automatically in the source code. We have to make running from the
source tree easy if we want lazy people to help.
3.- Originally, I wrote my own Rails::Plugin::Locator which was able
to find plugins with /src directory in the source tree. It worked pretty
well, but Rails::Plugin defines Rails::Plugin#name as
File.basename(@directory), which means, all plugins got the name :src.
So Rails assume the directory is the name of the plugin.

AI: update wiki page, installation, unless someone has good arguments
for keeping src/ ;-)

- - Changed how service routes are loaded. We don't go over
vendor/plugins/* anymore, but over loaded plugins directory(). That
allows for what is below.
- - We automatically find plugins in the source tree RAILS_ROOT/../plugins
by adding it to the plugin search path, so no need to symlink. Later we
could also find plugins one level more up, so plugins checked out from a
separate git repo are also found, and make development a breeze.
- - Therefore ResourceRegistration has now register_plugin() method, and
that one is used. We don't iterate vendor/plugins anymore but just go
over found plugins and look there.

- - I disabled the use of namespace and domain for now. Just because the
client stopped working, and the discussion with Klaus about it was still
in the middle. Note, everything is there, just the route_all method does
not take them into account.

- - what is still broken:
* permissions, see discussion mail.

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