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[yast-devel] Czech YaST2 team (Prague) meeting 2009-04-09
  • From: Katarina Machalkova <kmachalkova@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 14:31:17 +0200
  • Message-id: <200904211431.18242.kmachalkova@xxxxxxx>
Present: jkupec, jreidinger, jsrain, jsuchome, juhliarik, kmachalkova,
locilka, lslezak
Absent: mzugec
Special guest: msvec

Package management, libzypp & add-ons
- Lot of work on installation summary in zypper (jkupec)
- New way of how pkg-bindings name add-ons - a content file is downloaded and
its "label" key is used (lslezak)
- Installation & pkg download progress sub-panel in sw_single now displays
also output of (error, warning) messages printed by RPM (lslezak)
- Package slideshow - avoid division by zero (lslezak)
- Fixed package search in ncurses package-manager - keyword matches are no
longer included by default and keyword search can be switched on/off -
bnc#470069 (kmachalkova)

Bootloader news
- Big code cleanup - see wiki for the list of obsoleted functions: (jreidinger)
- UI redesign branch now merged to trunk, bootloader UI is no longer generated
on-the-fly - congratulations! (juhliarik, jreidinger)

- yast2-core's ag_xauth dropped, it is no longer needed - see bnc#482223
(kmachalkova, mvidner)
- yast2-devtools fixed so "`if" subdirectory is not being created during build
anymore - bnc#490713 (mvidner)
- new DBus wrapper for suse-register will be needed
- yast2-nfs-client now returns correct lists of exported directories even for
nfsv4 servers - bnc#466454 (kmachalkova)

\\\\\ Katarina Machalkova
\\\\\\\__o YaST developer
__\\\\\\\'/_ & hedgehog painter
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