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Re: [yast-devel] Style Guide - Overview Dialog
  • From: Martin Schmidkunz <mschmidkunz@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2009 12:48:16 +0100
  • Message-id: <49707400.6030207@xxxxxxx>
Hi all!

Sorry for joining the discussion that late but I am in the office only
on Thursday and Friday so it takes some time for me to get along with my

Button ordering:
Button order is very important, the point why it is not mentioned
explicitly in the style guide is, that no matter which button order we
choose (Cancel/OK, OK/Cancel) it would potentially conflict with one of
the two major desktops as KDE and GNOME have a different button order.
HuHa made a really nice piece of work with the button box:

But AFAIK there was little response in implementing it into the modules
and it is currently only used in the pop up library.
That is also one point why I am so fond of having YaST module templates
because in that way a lot of issues could be avoided (visble Back button
in overview dialogs, button order, button labeling,...)

Meaning of "Cancel":
I am quite surprised that this issue raises so much confusion.
I suppose that it is also because I do not have an engineering
background and maybe therefore I used words and concepts in a way that
is unusual to someone with engineering background.
So here is what I had in mind with this issue:

* I oppose the label "Abort" as it has also a medical connotation and is
not commonly used in desktop GUIS (e.g. GNOME, KDE, MS Windows). So I
think, it is a good idea to label the "Abort"-button with "Cancel" (the
benefits would be consistency with desktops, user expectations,...)
So the "Abort" button keeps all his functionality (e.g. F9-key binding)
but not his label.

* Having an activated "Back" button and an activated "Cancel" button in
an one screen dialog (e.g. overview) does not make any sense because the
visible consequences of the buttons are the same: I click on the button,
the module disappears and no changes are preserved. Secondly why should
I have a "Back" button when there is no next screen I can go to?

So these were my motives for having these issues put into the style
guide and writing bug reports about them.
Please let me know, where you find some contradictions with your point
of view.

Concerning changes in the style guide:

The text line:
"Cancel - Closes the module and returns to the overview" was modified by
me, Johannes.
I did that in agreement with you as a result of your comment, that when
having an opening a module and the user presses "Cancel" there is no
overview the user can return to.
This is the only difference I can get between the two meanings of "Cancel".

As it is the first attempt for a complete style guide (the one before
was mainly dealing with text issues) it is naturally that in the
beginning there might be some issues which need adjustments.

Please keep in mind, that the style guide is not just something to annoy
everybody just for fun but to increase the consistency and usability of



PS: @Martin Vidner:
Cool slogan in your email signature :-)

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