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[yast-devel] [YaST] Czech YaST2 team (Prague) meeting 2008-09-09
  • From: Michal Zugec <mzugec@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 12:12:27 +0200
  • Message-id: <48C8EF0B.5080705@xxxxxxx>
Czech YaST2 team (Prague) meeting 2008-09-09

Present: jsrain, jkupec, jreidinger, jsuchome, kmachalkova,
locilka, lslezak,
Absent: juhliarik, mvidner
Minutes: mzugec
Next Minutes: jsrain

- fixed some issues with uefi booting
- work on yast2-support module

- support for services in libzypp (fate #302376, #303563, #304915)
- username/password stored in separate file for repository authentication in libzypp
- new zypper commands: targetos, versioncmp

- hackweek project: downloader for openSUSE ISO images
- fixed bootloader problem (when replace kernel-default with kernel-pae,
remember which item is default) (bnc#402789)

- work on SCR agent for pam_mount.conf.xml (fate 300967)
- yast2-users: load cracklib dictionary during installation only for the
- yast2-nis-*: use rpcbind as default instead of portmap (bnc#423026)

- hackweek project: improved ayast_setup.ycp (CLI support) from
autoyast2 package
- netconfig support in yast2-network (DNS part - /etc/resolv.conf)
- nfs-client integration with partitioner - works with nfs(v3)
- nfs-client(v4) can write dmapd.conf now

- WFM::ClientExists ( )
- support for ButtonBoxes in yast2
- AutoYaST can use images now (like "normal" installation) (fate#301321)
- different workflow can be used while upgrading an add-on comparing to
workflow used for new installation (FATE#301997)

- hackweek project: exporting a yast namespace as a DBus service (the
code is not much usable, too many problems, but at least I successfully
installed a package via pkg-bindings namespace Pkg:: running on DBus)
- PkgBindings uses Selectables instead of Pool - removed duplicate code,
bug compatible with other tools
- support for services in PkgBindings

- work on yast2-support
- support for InfiniBand in yast2-network (fate#304870), (fate#304115)
- special proposal for virtualization network (fate#303386)

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