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Re: [yast-devel] Starting repo management from the pkg manager
  • From: Martin Schmidkunz <mschmidkunz@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 11:25:49 +0100
  • Message-id: <47DA52AD.50505@xxxxxxx>
Hi Ladislav,

there is a FATE entry for this: 302517
I have added you as interested there.

Here is a quote of my entry regarding this topic:

I makes sense if software management module becomes a module where
everything around package management is integrated (like synaptic used
e.g. by Ubuntu).
In our case the advantages would be:
* more efficiency as the user doesn't need to search through nine
modules in the control centre as modules for less frequent actions are
integrated into software management module
* conformity with user expectations (software management includes
everything I need to manage my software)
* clearer structure of control centre because of less modules
The disadvantages are:
* users need to learn about the new ways of software management
* new module might look overcrowded

To be honest, integrating anything into the current software management
UI would be a mess, as the current layout is already quite complex.

Therefore I suggest a simplification of the software management module
and an integration of all software management related functions:

The basic concept is:
* searching and browsing of packages is the core function of software
management and therefore prominent
* less frequently used functions are moved to the menu bar
Search and browse tabs:
* The somewhat difficult to understand status icons (install, taboo) are
acompanied by some description to make them easier understandable
(please not, that the icons used in the mockup are not the original ones
because I was not able to find them)
* Search settings includes options for "Search in" (name, summary,
description, RPM provides, RPM requires), "Search Mode", case sensitve
yes/no. I chose status, package name and summary as columns because they
seem most important to me and this amount of columns doesn't force the
user to scroll horizontically (which, I think, we all agree, is
something that should be avoided if possible :-)) If you like to include
other columns (available/installed version, size,...) please let me know.
* Disk usage was dropped. I think that in times of the current storage
prices, this overview is outdated
* Dependency checks moved to the menu. I suppose that most users will
use autocheck. For those who prefer a manual check, maybe we can create
a shortcut
The menu bar (please note that some entries will have check boxes (e.g.
autocheck dependencies) I was just not able to create them with qt designer)
* Software: includes all settings from current software management
module. The package all in this lists option can be integrated into the
"package" sub menu. Mge came once up with the idea to connect software
management with bugzilla, so I put a "Report a Bug" item.
* Online Update: "run online update" and "settings" will start the
corresponding YaST modules
* Novell Customer Center: "Register" starts corresponding YaST module,
"Start NCC" opens NCC in a browser. Maybe this menu point is more
interesting for SLES and if there is any need to hide the term
registration from the community users, then we just give the baby a
different name :-)
* Repositories: opens the corresponding YaST module. I suggest to
integrate the repositories according to FATE #303458 Simplifiying
Software Management

I think, I perfectly reversed your pros and cons:
* integration of repo management

* quite some coding effort (at least for the UI)

What do you think about that?



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