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[yast-commit] New comment in project openSUSE:Factory:Staging:B by coolo

Stephan Kulow wrote in project openSUSE:Factory:Staging:B:

<!--- osc staging unselect --->
The list of requests tracked in openSUSE:Factory:Staging:B has changed:

* Request#247881 for package patterns-openSUSE submitted by @coolo
* Request#247882 for package oniguruma submitted by @coolo
* Request#247918 for package apparmor submitted by @cboltz
* Request#247923 for package zsh submitted by @namtrac
* Request#247935 for package branding-openSUSE submitted by @coolo
* Request#247946 for package pm-profiler submitted by @coolo
* Request#247956 for package parted submitted by @msmeissn
* Request#247958 for package java-1_7_0-openjdk submitted by @fstrba
* Request#247961 for package netpbm submitted by @pgajdos
* Request#247963 for package ImageMagick submitted by @namtrac
* Request#247965 for package libqt4 submitted by @namtrac
* Request#247966 for package wireless-regdb submitted by @namtrac
* Request#247974 for package yast2-network submitted by @yast-team
* Request#247975 for package yast2-bootloader submitted by @yast-team
* Request#247977 for package icu submitted by @jengelh
* Request#247978 for package cifs-utils submitted by @dmdiss
* Request#247979 for package yast2-core submitted by @yast-team
* Request#247989 for package gnome-patch-translation submitted by @dimstar
* Request#247992 for package plymouth submitted by @namtrac
* Request#248003 for package sysvinit submitted by @WernerFink

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