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[yast-commit] Build failed in Jenkins: yast-s390-master #2
  • From: hudson@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2014 10:01:10 +0100 (CET)
  • Message-id: <699960095.854.1390554070931.JavaMail.jenkins@river>
See <>


[Jiri Srain] Changed handling of unformatted DASD devices during
autoinstallation (fate#313228)

[Jiri Srain] added FIXME comments on activation error handling

[Jiri Srain] - enhanced handling of large amount of disks (fate#313402,
fate#313403, fate#315984)

[Jiri Srain] comments from review

[Jiri Srain] another comment from review

Started by an SCM change
Building remotely on yast-head in workspace
Checkout:yast-s390-master / <> -
Using strategy: Default
Last Built Revision: Revision eb5bef9ed959114b91881a9064becd1dad876148
Checkout:yast-s390-master / <> -
Fetching changes from the remote Git repository
Fetching upstream changes from
Commencing build of Revision 541495778b9749d7be60be877f752aaed252a2c7
Checking out Revision 541495778b9749d7be60be877f752aaed252a2c7 (origin/master)
Cleaning workspace
[yast-s390-master] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/
+ cd <>
+ rake osc:sr
* Starting osc check...
* Done. Everything looks good.
* Starting syntax check...
src/clients/s390-disk-controller.rb: Syntax OK
src/clients/iucvterminal-server.rb: Syntax OK
src/clients/dasd_auto.rb: Syntax OK
src/clients/zfcp.rb: Syntax OK
src/clients/inst_zfcp.rb: Syntax OK
src/clients/zfcp_auto.rb: Syntax OK
src/clients/dump.rb: Syntax OK
src/clients/dasd.rb: Syntax OK
src/clients/dasd_proposal.rb: Syntax OK
src/clients/xpram.rb: Syntax OK
src/clients/onpanic.rb: Syntax OK
src/clients/zfcp_proposal.rb: Syntax OK
src/clients/inst_dasd.rb: Syntax OK
src/clients/iucvterminal.rb: Syntax OK
src/modules/Dump.rb: Syntax OK
src/modules/IUCVTerminalServer.rb: Syntax OK
src/modules/IUCVTerminal.rb: Syntax OK
src/modules/DASDController.rb: Syntax OK
src/modules/Xpram.rb: Syntax OK
src/modules/OnPanic.rb: Syntax OK
src/modules/ZFCPController.rb: Syntax OK
src/include/s390/xpram/ui.rb: Syntax OK
src/include/s390/dump/ui.rb: Syntax OK
src/include/s390/zfcp/helps.rb: Syntax OK
src/include/s390/zfcp/dialogs.rb: Syntax OK
src/include/s390/zfcp/wizards.rb: Syntax OK
src/include/s390/onpanic/ui.rb: Syntax OK
src/include/s390/iucvterminal-server/helps.rb: Syntax OK
src/include/s390/iucvterminal-server/ui.rb: Syntax OK
src/include/s390/iucvterminal/ui.rb: Syntax OK
src/include/s390/dasd/helps.rb: Syntax OK
src/include/s390/dasd/dialogs.rb:242: syntax error, unexpected tINTEGER,
expecting ')'
rake aborted!
Syntax error found in file 'src/include/s390/dasd/dialogs.rb'

Tasks: TOP => osc:sr => osc:commit => osc:build => package => check:syntax
(See full trace by running task with --trace)
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
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