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[yast-commit] Build failed in Jenkins: yast-apparmor-master #2
  • From: hudson@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2014 19:50:41 +0100 (CET)
  • Message-id: <983776385.823.1390503042018.JavaMail.jenkins@river>
See <>

[...truncated 753 lines...]

- fixed text labels (bnc#755539)
- 2.22.2

- add Requires: for several perl modules
- 2.22.1

- merged texts from proofreading
- 2.22.0

- fixed enabling/disabling apparmor
- fixed setting notifications (and enabling aaeventsd as part of
global switch only)
- prevent profile generator from failing immediately
- prevent window from disappearing when starting a module
- don't close the module after running a report (bnc#531512)
- run the dialog to select application for profiling without
pop-up (bnc#531512)
- disabled Reports part due to changes in AppArmor
- merged editation and deleting of a profile
- 2.21.5

- fix category of apparmor module (bnc#719386)
- 2.21.4

- fixed .desktop file (bnc #681249)

- Rename files to use proper AppArmor names and abbreviations
- Change code to reflect new names
- Basic version needed to use newer perl-apparmor. This version
gets rid of the old SubDomain names entirely.
- Move yast2-apparmor.desktop to apparmor.desktop

- Exec entry in desktop file called using xdg-su (bnc#540627)
- 2.21.2

- fix typos (bnc#702639)
- 2.21.1

- merge apparmor to one desktop entry (FATE#305278)
- fix typos in translatable strings
- 2.21.0

- use perl-macros only in opensSUSE 11.4 (or newer)
- 2.20.1

- add BuildRequires: perl-macros and %{perl_requires} to ensure is in @INC (bnc#670650#c1)

- Install into @INC so that Perl can see it (bnc#635830)
- 2.20.0

- updated "names" in .desktop files for searching AppArmor related
modules in YaST (bnc#590929)

- Adjusted .desktop file(s) to wrap /sbin/yast2/ calls in xdg-su
where root privileges are needed, removed X-KDE-SubstituteUID key

- Improved help text (bnc#539352)
- Better error message on unexpected backend termination (bnc#535107)
- Correct saving of event notification levels (bnc#531512)
- 2.19.0

- Have GenericNames from .desktop files correctly translated (removed
trailing whitespace - bnc#538245)
- 2.18.4

- Reduced number of overly long strings (bnc#384170)
- Extended some helptexts (bnc#482563, bnc#443287)
- 2.18.3

- AA profiles editor adjusted to the new format of parsed profile
data (bnc#480099)
- 2.18.2

- Convert report names and modes to/from human readable strings
(bnc#369119, bnc#371072)
- 2.18.1

- Handle switching between two textdomains (yast2-apparmor &
apparmor-utils) so that strings from both are correctly translated
- 2.18.0

- Removed source of UI syntax error - invalid items listing
- Integrated jjohansen's patch for bnc#258079 (e-mail address
- Make translatable strings from Perl agents really translated (and
correctly encoded) (bnc#448390)
- 2.17.4

- Fixed help text (bnc #436491)
- 2.17.3

- Fixed help texts (bnc#430521).
- 2.17.2

- Have all clients understand 'help' commandline option
(bnc#269891 & friends) (many thanks, stano)
- Reference to up-to-date docs (bnc#177615)
- 2.17.1

- AA reports: Do not mess up the whole dialog up when user decides
to cancel 'Browse' operation ( pass 'nil' filename) (bnc#397851)
- Set the reporting dialog title correctly (bnc#397872)
- Reload subdomain upon exit from profile mode configuration dialog
(if modified) (bnc#369249)
- Make adding hats to newly added (manually created) profiles work
- 2.17.0

- Have ag_subdomain and ag_subdomain_profiles understand `result
command so they can be correctly terminated by y2base (bnc#393957)
- 2.16.4

- added categories Settings and System into desktop file
(bnc #382778)

- Make executable again ( svn migration
regression - bnc#157814)
- Integrating jjohansen's patch for UI support of late AA backend
features (FaTE#300560, FaTE#300571)
- 2.16.3

- Use button labels from Label:: module (thanks, msvec)
- Removed 2 widgets with the same ID ( AA general setup module failed
to launch ) (bnc #383792)
- Removed other sources of YUI exceptions: correct opening/closing
dialogs, fixed event loop, no 'nil' button labels
- 2.16.2

- i18n: additional strings marked for translation (bnc#371052)
- Archived reports: improved UI layout to prevent string cut-off
- Fixed typos (bnc#374628)
- 2.16.1

- added 'StartupNotify=true' to the desktop file (bnc #304964)

- Icons moved to yast2-theme package
- 2.16.0

- Fixes (#310454) to support new audit log format and new libapparmor1 -
- Bug #305735 Add support for network toggles, append, and locking to the YaST2
EditProfile wizard.
- Bug 302588 - 1 CD KDE version fails to install apparmor-docs

- Updated spec to set theme-dir based on dist (openSUSE/sles)

- sbeattie@xxxxxxx
Fix for #212500 "y2controlcenter-gnome does not find AppArmor
icons" and its duplicate #297243 "Missing YaST icon: All app armor

- Numerous fixes for repository integration

- Add support for the AppArmor profile repository
Fate: 300517
- Fixed an untranslated string

- Fixed usability and reporting bugs
(bnc# 158599,171082,172624,173825)

- Added the missing complain.scr to fix:

- Fixes for notification bugs:
- configuration of e-mail recipient not saved in YaST
- AppArmour - Security event Notification - email address fails
- AppArmor unable to enter ANY notification email address

- Add complain/enforce profile state toggle
Fate: 300719

- Add syntax checks for profiles and display error dialogs to user
Fate: 300906

- Adjust for theming change.

- Fixes for, Added support
for new profile syntax Px/Ux/m.

- Pickup fix for typo regression in profile_dialogs.ycp (thanks rudi)
- Remove libapparmor as a dependency for all yast wizards (#160518)

- fix typo in subdomain/profile_dialogs.ycp

- Split aaeventd startup into its own init script so we don't start
daemons while in the "boot" runlevel (#158613)
- Fix broken notification help localization.

- Don't check for event DB intialization when running the audit report.
- Remove localized text in apparmor.desktop - as the desktop translation
is handled by the translation group.
- Changes the checks from /etc/subdomain.d to /etc/apparmor.d when
validated manual selection of #includes in the "Edit Profile" wizard.
- Replace yast2-devel build-requires with yast2 yast2-devtools

- Fixed typo in SD_EditProfie.ycp that was causing a syntax error in the wizard

- Include counter (and time) in ag_genprof logmark
- (sbeattie@xxxxxxx) Install apparmor packages if not already installed
- (sbeattie@xxxxxxx) Remove direct dependency on apparmor packages

- Fix non-wrapping error-dialog (#146435)
- Enable/start aaeventd if notification is enabled
- (jmichael) Remove dead code

- Add svn repo number to tarball name
- (dreynolds) Removed AALite checks
- (dreynolds) Fix regex warning
- (dreynolds) Fix apparmor control panel to correctly tell if AA is
enabled/disabled (#145955)
- disable autoyast support in aa configs (#116749)

- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires

- Added code to process events from the audit system in addition to syslog

- Remove references to message catalog files - now provided by yast2-trans

- fix gettext/textdomain() calls to refer to new messages filename
- fix references to old package names within .po files

- rename package to yast2-apparmor
- relicense to GPL and LGPL for open source release
- reset version to 2.0-1
Server returned an error: HTTP Error 414: Request-URI Too Large
Sending yast2-apparmor-3.1.0.tar.bz2
Sending yast2-apparmor.spec
Sending yast2-apparmor.changes
Transmitting file data rm -rf Devel:YaST:Head
rake aborted!
Command failed with status (1): [osc commit -m - do not use * templ...]

Tasks: TOP => osc:sr => osc:commit
(See full trace by running task with --trace)
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
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