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Re: [wicked-devel] wickedd-dhcp6 isn't grabbing the global IPv6 address via DHCP

On 2/19/16 3:13 AM, Marius Tomaschewski wrote:
Am 30.12.2015 um 01:37 schrieb Scott Simpson:
I'm using OpenSuSE 42.1 and wicked network management. The wickedd-dhcp6
program is not grabbing the global IPv6 address.
I guess your network admin did not enabled ipv6 router RAs
(there will be no default route and also no DHCP6 or AUTO6)
or disabled DHCP6 in it.

Add DHCLIENT6_MODE=managed to ifcfg-ethX to override.

## Type: list(auto,managed,info)
## Default: auto
# This option allows to specify the request mode used by the DHCPv6
# client when the BOOTPROTO is set to dhcp or dhcp6, and overrides
# the "Managed Address Configuration" and the "Other Configuration"
# flags provided by the IPv6 router its Router Advertisement (RA)
# for the network connected to this interface.
# auto: follow RA flags, remain silent when no RA flag is set
# info: request other configuration (dns,ntp) only, no IP address
# managed: request IP address as well as other configuration
I'll try this and let you know. I was running OpenSUSE 12.1 before with NetworkManager and the global IPv6 address was always picked up so it isn't Comcast's issue.

?? the fe80:: scope link address is calculated (EUI64) from the MAC
address and added to any ipv6 capable interface as soon as it goes UP.
It is used by any dhcp6 client to request global address, neighbour
and router discovery (RA, default route setup, ...), ...
It is something like an "ipv6 mac" address [ipv6 is not using arp].

Yes, this I know.

Regards, Scott
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