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Re: [radeonhd] RV515 card failed to output video on VGA port
  • From: Hans Ulrich Niedermann <hun@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 17:56:26 +0100
  • Message-id: <473C7A3A.8060106@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hans Ulrich Niedermann wrote:
Matthias Hopf wrote:

Did you think of packaging git_version.h when doing 'make dist'?

Yes, but we will want to distinguish

a) a build directly from a git worktree of commit 12345678
b) a build from a dist tarball generated from commit 12345678

In case a), we can programmatically determine whether the local source
contains changes in addition to 12345678 and note them.

In case b), we have no way of finding out whether/what has changed
locally, so we need to note that in the message somehow.

I do have code for b), but it is too ugly, too fragile and too large to
commit just yet.

I think the following addresses all that:


$ git pull \ \

1. Ship git_version.h in dist tarball, marked as being part
of dist tarball.
2. If git_version.h exists and if finds no git repo
(.git dir), keep existing git_version.h.
3. Have git_version.h print special message when building from
dist tarball.

Please pull from ndim-git-version and push to master and/or
initial-randr if you like it.

Hans Ulrich Niedermann

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