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Re: [packet-writing] Re: packet-0.0.2i-pre3
  • From: Jens Axboe <axboe@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 09:18:41 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <20010425111827.E495@xxxxxxx>
On Tue, Apr 24 2001, Morten Bo Johansen wrote:
> > Ok, no problem. You need a null modem serial cable, and a second machine
> > with some sort of terminal program running (minicom, for example). First
> > start by attaching the cable and testing a direct connection between two
> > minicom's for instance, one on each end.
> To the best of my ability I have followed your instructions as
> well as those in serial-console.txt, I have:
> - compiled kernel with CONFIG_SERIAL_CONSOLE=y
> - included S1:23:respawn:/sbin/getty -L ttyS1 9600 vt100 in /etc/inittab
> - console=ttyS1,9600 console=tty0 as lilo append parameter
> - made sure that proper character devices exist
> - connected two computers with null modem cable
> - minicom is running on remote with 9600 8N1 and VT102
> - removed /etc/ as stated in serial-console.txt
> During the boot process of the local computer something is
> logged to the remote minicom screen but the characters are
> unintelligble, something like )+oE++#B.1.*c=+.. etc.
> Starting minicom on the local end with the same port settings
> as the remote, and typing something those typings are echoed on
> the remote but again the characters are misrepresented as yyyy...
> etc..
> What am I missing?

No, it looks like you have anything setup alright. I'd suspect the cable
if I were you, are you sure it's a null modem cable?

Jens Axboe

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