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[opensuse] Weird Wifi connection issue on Leap
  • From: Matthias Bach <marix@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2020 21:08:11 +0200
  • Message-id: <1791453.T5d5EuW0K1@eddie>

On one of my systems running Leap 15.1 I have a weird issue with connecting
the system to Wifi networks that I however haven't really been able to pin
down precise enough to feel confident in writing a bug report.

When trying to connect to a WLAN after system start the connection will fail
and a pop-up will appear that asks for the WPA password. Now, no matter how
often I enter the correct password in that dialog, connection will still fail.
However, if I cancel the connection, wait for a couple of seconds and then
press the connect button in the KDE Network Manger, the connection will
succeed, using the password that had been stored for that connection all time

Also, if I remove the configuration for the network and connection from the
KDE network manger, the password will be prompted in the network selection
screen, not in the pop-up window, and connection will work right away.

Weirdly, I only observe this issue on one of my systems. The only thing
special about that system is that I messed up when ordering it and it thus is
powered by an RTL8821CE-based Wifi adapter which I use via a kernel module
ported over from Endless OS [1]. However, as the connection works without
issue if "manually" connecting to the network, I fail to see how the driver
could be at fault here.

Any idea on what I could look at to further pin down the issue?

Kind Regards,
Dr. Matthias Bach

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