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Re: [opensuse] What app to use in Android equivalent to Linux scp?
On 2017-02-19 01:18, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Carlos E. R. <> [02-18-17 18:18]:
On 2017-02-18 23:38, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Carlos E. R. <> [02-18-17 17:35]:
On 2017-02-18 23:16, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Carlos E. R. <> [02-18-17 16:59]:
On 2017-02-18 22:27, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Carlos E. R. <> [01-01-70 12:34]:


install kdeconnect from on tablet and kdeconnect from on computer. I use it to my phone. Works

I assume this requires the Linux computer to be running KDE. That is
impossible, the machine is currently remote to me, no way to start KDE.

no, only capable of running kde apps, and xfce is.

But I have not access to its menu, I'm remote.

you said you had ssh ...

Thus no menu. :-)

ssh -X <web-browser> http{s}://<address

I don't understand that, sorry.

You mean that I can get the KDE menu in a firefox instance run via ssh?

ssh -X firefox http:// and what address? That would be the address for
the firefox command, it still needs the address to the server given to
the ssh command.

cer@minas-tirith:~> ssh -X /usr/bin/firefox http://machine.domain
ssh: Could not resolve hostname /usr/bin/firefox: Name or service not known

I don't understand this at all.

And I would have to run that in a laptop connected to the remote server,
then also connect on the tablet... Frankly way complicated.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.

(from 42.2 x86_64 "Malachite" (Minas Tirith))

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