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Re: [opensuse] Processes quitting
Am 04.01.2015 um 16:44 schrieb Fred n Sandy:
I have a perplexing problem with my lampserver. My location
has a dynamic IP, so I use a DDNS service which, in this case,
requires multiple instances (-M option) of the DDNS client. I
give the command, the processes start and all is right with the
world until some unknown time later when the dirty $#@! quits.

Where did you get "noip2"? Is that from your DDNS provider? If so, which
one do you use? Is there a man page? Does it support options for
logging? If so, did you set them to "log everything" and looked in the
log file?

Note that most DDNS clients simply connect to a server telling them the
name of the connection. So basically, if your local name is "a.b.c",
then they connect to the DDNS server and send them the string "a.b.c".
The TCP/IP protocol will then tell the server what the IP address of the
client is and that's it.

A problem here is when the client doesn't get notified properly when the
local IP address changes - in that case, your IP address would change
but the client wouldn't notify the DDNS server right away.

Hence if you can't get logging to work properly, you just have to
restart the client every N days or hours.


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