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Re: [opensuse] Migrating from HDD to SSD
On Thu, Jan 1, 2015 at 6:10 AM, Rodney Baker <rodney.baker@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The disk is a Samsung 850 PRO and Samsung actually provide a native linux CLI
tool for management. They do say, though, that (for their tool) trim is only
supported for ext4. I understand that other filesystems have native trim
support built in, but I'm most comfortable with ext3/ext4 at this point in
time anyway (although I do use xfs on at least one data storage partition).

Beware of filesystem's with built in trim.

Basically if you pass in an argument at mount time, you are engaging
realtime trim.

If you have to schedule a nightly (or weekly) trim command, then it is
batched trim.

Batched trim is basically safe and a performance benefit for any SSD.

Realtime trim is a different matter. For almost all SSDs sold (or
designed) in 2013 or before, it is a performance hit. Newer SSDs
support asynchronous trim. That is the feature need to have before
realtime trim is a net benefit.

For me, I still stick to batched mode exclusively.

FYI: Windows runs batched mode only as far as I know, so realtime trim
has not been an important feature for SSD manufacturers.

Greg Freemyer
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