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Re: [opensuse] For those that doubt kdm3 script is used in 122.
Op 30-10-12 17:20, Oddball schreef:
Op 30-10-12 17:11, Felix Miata schreef:
On 2012-10-30 16:56 (GMT+0100) Oddball composed:... is no proof of the assertion.

It is not about the proof, it is how to get to the directory where the actual files are, that are used by the login manager.

The 'thing' that is in control of my logins now, is not found in the directory where the others are stored, and the others can not be used. Why?
How to get to know the *real* path: where does this script, which i can not find, look for the themes?

It seems that i stumbled upon one of the great mysteries inside openSUSE:
Where is the script, that is responsible for the theme of the login manager looking for the theme?

I am not asking this question for over a week, in many different ways: (not)

NOBODY seems to know what script looks where, and the location of the responsible script.
On the net, google around, there is no answer to this question, and if someone has found the answer, which means: He or she, is REALLY capable, of changing the login theme, and proves it, that person *will_be_ given_$10,-* (must be easy: like unpack a theme to the theme directory, and switch to that theme. I am even satisfied if the themes that are there standard, to choose from, can be choosen, and REALLY used.)


Have a nice day,

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