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Re: [opensuse] Suse 12.2 battles and victories
Sorry, I sent this to Phil. I noticed the mistake while sending.

Yes, OpenSuse has synclient and I have used it along with xinput. Either way seems to work the same. Putting the commands in .x in .bashrc and .xinitrc works in some cases, but not all. For example, if I close the cover and open it, the touch pad is active again and I have to manually type in the command.

Am I missing a place to put the command? I don't mind putting it multiple places, but I am running out of ideas. Is there a truly global place to place it?



On 10/24/2012 12:38 AM, Phil Savoie wrote:
Hey Jim,

Not sure if Opensuse has synclient as I now use centos but this should work.

synclient TouchpadOff=1 (disables the touchpad)

Should be put in either the .bash_profile or in the .bashrc file.


On 10/23/2012 11:51 PM, Jim Sabatke wrote:
OK, I gave up on Windows and assumed that I could get my laptop running
with Suse. At first I had really big network trouble. I could get it
connected, but every time I rebooted it wouldn't connect and wouldn't
show me my wireless router until I deleted the connection and rebooted
again. Then I tried Ubuntu; what a huge mistake. It worked great with
the network, but it's an incredible PITA with loading software and
security is a disaster; any user can su with their own password. I was
looking for a solution where my girlfriend couldn't add things she
didn't understand where harmful, and there is no good reason she should
know. So, I went back to Suse and after getting the network up again, I
went through the enormous online update. That fixed the network
disconnection problem!!!

Next I had used a Samba mount to save my M$ files to my desktop. I
couldn't get Samba running from either Ubuntu or Suse as client, and NFS
turned out to be a huge time investment. I remember the days when I just
typed in the server and client information and it just worked. After
quite a few hours I hit on the right combination and that is working
just fine too.

Now I just need a reliable way to kill the Synaptics touchpad; it
doesn't stay off when switching users or timing out to a login screen. I
wish there was an easy way to have it turn itself off when a USB mouse
is plugged in. For now I'll just make a couple of scripts and put them
into the screen menu so my g/f can remember how to turn it off.

The webcam works right out of the box too, so life is now good.

As long as I have one box, my desktop, that can dual boot M$, then I can
update any hardware devices that are only supported by M$ applications.

I'm a very happy camper.


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