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[opensuse] Suse 12.2 battles and victories
OK, I gave up on Windows and assumed that I could get my laptop running with Suse. At first I had really big network trouble. I could get it connected, but every time I rebooted it wouldn't connect and wouldn't show me my wireless router until I deleted the connection and rebooted again. Then I tried Ubuntu; what a huge mistake. It worked great with the network, but it's an incredible PITA with loading software and security is a disaster; any user can su with their own password. I was looking for a solution where my girlfriend couldn't add things she didn't understand where harmful, and there is no good reason she should know. So, I went back to Suse and after getting the network up again, I went through the enormous online update. That fixed the network disconnection problem!!!

Next I had used a Samba mount to save my M$ files to my desktop. I couldn't get Samba running from either Ubuntu or Suse as client, and NFS turned out to be a huge time investment. I remember the days when I just typed in the server and client information and it just worked. After quite a few hours I hit on the right combination and that is working just fine too.

Now I just need a reliable way to kill the Synaptics touchpad; it doesn't stay off when switching users or timing out to a login screen. I wish there was an easy way to have it turn itself off when a USB mouse is plugged in. For now I'll just make a couple of scripts and put them into the screen menu so my g/f can remember how to turn it off.

The webcam works right out of the box too, so life is now good.

As long as I have one box, my desktop, that can dual boot M$, then I can update any hardware devices that are only supported by M$ applications.

I'm a very happy camper.

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