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Re: [opensuse] Manual Xorg configuration help on 12.2
On 2012-10-23 08:27 (GMT-0400) Mark Hounschell composed:

I am trying to use an LG TV as my monitor in an HTC env. The PC used is
an Intel based PC with DVI, HDMI, and some other video port I'm not
familiar with. In any case, this particular TV is NOT providing its EDID
information to the PC. At least that is what the kernel people are
telling me. I have obtained the EDID information from the service manual
and have a binary blob that contains it. Using the parse-edid pgm in the
read-edid package (Not SuSE provided) I have the info.

markh@harley:/local/dnld/import/inst/read-edid-2.0.0> ./parse-edid
./parse-edid: parse-edid version 2.0.0
./parse-edid: EDID checksum passed.

# EDID version 1 revision 3
Section "Monitor"
# Block type: 2:0 3:fd
# Block type: 2:0 3:fc
Identifier "LG TV"
VendorName "GSM"
ModelName "LG TV"
# Block type: 2:0 3:fd
HorizSync 31-68
VertRefresh 56-75
# Max dot clock (video bandwidth) 150 MHz
# Block type: 2:0 3:fc
# DPMS capabilities: Active off:no Suspend:no Standby:no

Mode "1920x1080" # vfreq 60.000Hz, hfreq 67.500kHz
DotClock 148.500000
HTimings 1920 2008 2052 2200
VTimings 1080 1084 1089 1125
Flags "+HSync" "+VSync"
Mode "1360x768" # vfreq 60.015Hz, hfreq 47.712kHz
DotClock 85.500000
HTimings 1360 1424 1536 1792
VTimings 768 771 777 795
Flags "+HSync" "+VSync"
# Block type: 2:0 3:fd
# Block type: 2:0 3:fc

As you can see it provides what looks like xorg.conf or XF86Config file

What it contains looks like entirely generic HDTV (1920x1080) data.

entries from this binary edid file. Can some one point me as to how to
provide this information to Xorg via the /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d directory
so I can force X to use it?

It looks like I need to modify the 50-monitor.conf, 50-screen.conf, and
maybe 50-device.conf files but I don't know the proper syntax for adding
this info to these empty files.

50-device.conf needs 3 lines uncommented:

50-screen.conf needs 5 lines uncommented:

50-monitor is where all the work is done. To start it needs the same 3 lines uncommented as 50-device.conf. The example has two additional lines to cause deviation from what automagic would do by default. I would start by substituting 'Option "PreferredMode" "1920x1080"' for 'Option "PreferredMode" "1600x1200"' and giving X a try before adding any of the rest from your EDID read. If it doesn't work, then try adding HorizSync and VertRefresh lines and try X again. By now I expect it should be working, but if not, try adding properly formatted modelines generated using xmode or gtf or cvt as spelled out on

Is X still manually configurable using these files?

You have your choice between using those, or an xorg.conf file that contains exactly the same content combined into one file as those three files need to contain.

I know about the kernels drm_kms_helper module but it is borked with
this particular hardware.

If the LG is still within the vendor's free return period, use it. What model number is on the sticker?
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