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[opensuse] Re: what is the difference between zypper dup and yast switch system packages
  • From: JtWdyP <jtwdyp@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2012 13:57:09 -0400 (EDT)
  • Message-id: <alpine.LMD.2.02.1210211252510.25361@localhost.localdomain>

It would appear that on Oct 21, George Olson did say:

Thanks for the reply. I looked over the forum, and it seems like the gist of
it is that zypper dup is dangerous when done just as a plain zypper dup, but
the post does not seem to reflect much on the use of the different options
with zypper dup.

Yeah, that's what I found to...

I have upgraded to KDE 4.9 several times on a few different machines using
zypper dup and the --from option, and they have all gone very well. I have
also done the upgrade using yast change system packages, and I did not feel
like there was much difference. It seems that as long as you have your
repositories set correctly, they are basically the same thing.

Now that sounds interesting. (I'm usually more comfortable with **cli methods
than gui ones... ** That is as long as I can find good examples to remind me
how...) I suspect your right about the --from option. But I'm not sure how
well it would warn you about potentially broken dependencies. I do know that if
yast doesn't like what a "switch" to some repo will do to your system you get a
list of choices like uninstalling something, or uninstalling something else,
Or canceling the switch operation...

Course, if I practice what I preach and back-up 1st... I might even try that
next time.

But since you've used it, I'd like to ask if I understand how it worked.

I happen to run E17 as my primary desktop. In that Forum thread one of the
Forum gurus recommended that I switch first to the E17 repo, and then to
packman. Now if I did this with "zypper dup --from" I should expect that when
I "--from"ed the E17 repo, Then all installed packages that match the ones in
the E17 repo would have their vendor change to E17's vendor. And that any
installed packages that had different version numbers would be up/down graded
using the E17 repo. Along with any other changes that version specific
dependencies of other installed packages may require????????

And I'd get a list of proposed changes with one chance to say "no" right?

Then when I repeated the process with the packman repo, I should expect that
{assuming I didn't crash and burn} any installed packages that happened to have
versions in both the E17 AND the packman repos, would now have the vendor
set to packman??

Does that match your experience with it?

I have not done a backup when I did that, but now after reading your post I
think I will make a backup image before I do a zypper dup again, just to make
sure I don't destroy my system.

Thanks for the tip!

Yeah backing up has got to be the smartest, most recommended step prior to any
system changing event {planned or otherwise} AND failing to backup has to be the
dumbest, most commonly made mistake {by both the smartest and dumbest people

It's hard to get around to making the regular backups that I know I should do.
So whenever I'm about to do anything risky, I try to imaging how much work it
would take to update a system restored from the old dusty backup I took ages
ago. That is usually enough to get me to grab an usb drive with some room on
it... Nuff said!

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