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Re: [opensuse] screen reader problems
Bob S wrote:
A couple of weeks ago I posted about the app jovie no launching as a
normal user .

But you haven't provided a link to the previous thread and searching for
'screen reader' or 'jovie' returns nothing. So I have no idea what your
problem really is.

Jovie is the kde interface for screen readers and replaces ktts. I
received no replies. I then attempted to open jovie as root and
received this message.

I'm not knowledgeable about either KDE or screen readers, which is most
likely why I didn't respond to your previous thread.

But I'm not clear why you tried to start jovie as root? A quick look at shows that
it is intended to be started under your normal login. So IMHO you should
concentrate on tryiing to discover why that is not working rather than
trying to get it to start in a way that it is not designed for.

Since I couldn't get jovie to open I decided to install orca. The
installation required changing and/or adding about 50 packagess.
Upon attempting to open orca I received the following message:

ob@Easystreet:~> orca
RuntimeWarning: You have imported the Gtk 2.0 module. Because Gtk 2.0
was not designed for use with introspection some of the interfaces and
API will fail. As such this is not supported by the pygobject
development team and we encourage you to port your app to Gtk 3 or
greater. PyGTK is the recomended python module to use with Gtk 2.0
warnings.warn(warn_msg, RuntimeWarning)

OK, I think that says that the version of orca that you have is not
compatible with the version of python that you have. I presume that you
have the standard version of python that came with 12.2. You need to
check whether there is a 'official' version of orca for 12.2 and whether
that is the one that you have. IF so, report back the details and
somebody can help you diagnose the problem. If not, then try to find a
compatible version of orca.
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