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Re: [opensuse] incorrect xorg setup in openSUSE 12.1
Am 10.10.2012 19:08, schrieb Istvan Gabor:

I had to replace my nvidia card to an older ATI radeon 7000.
Since I use xorg.conf for configuring X, the X window system
could not be started with the new card.
In openSUSE 11.2 this was not a problem at all: I started sax2
in a terminal and it configured X properly according to my display's
native resolution, 1600x1200.
In openSUSE 12.1, as it does not have sax2, I removed the old xorg.conf,
and expected that the system configures X correctly. But instead
of the native 1600x1200 resolution the result was 1280x960.
You can imagine how 1280x960 looks on a 1600x1200 display: ugly.

Obiously openSUSE 12.1 can not automatically configure X correctly,
while in 11.2 the correct configuration could be done easily.

Next I copied the xorg.conf file from 11.2 to 12.1 but this did not
make any change on resolution, it is still 1280x960.
Now I am stucked, what should be the next step to correct this?




did you install the packages with the ATI driver?
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