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Re: [opensuse] ADding a Patch for a WINE app in 12.2
On 10/01/2012 07:20 PM, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* George Olson <grglsn765@xxxxxxxxx> [10-01-12 00:50]:
Having just upgraded to openSUSE 12.2, I have gotten most of it to work well
so far. There is one application I use which is important to my work, called
Evernote, and I run it in wine. In 12.1, it would synchronize with the
server; in 12.2, it does not synchronize.

There are two linux apps in current development, nixnote and everpad,
available on Why not use one of them? There is also a
firefox plugin.

Thanks for pointing those out. I will definitely have to take a look at them. I also saw that there is one called "nevernote". Is that the same as everpad?

One of the things I am dealing with is that many of my clients use evernote on windows and macbook machines and part of my motivation is to have a compatible product, so that I can advise them on the useful features of the application. However, I do have an excellent working version of virtualbox, so perhaps running the linux clone when I am in linux and having the evernote app for the virtualbox windows xp machine will be sufficient. I will consider all.

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