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Re: [opensuse] how to protect from govt monitoring and anti p2p with opensuse?
On 5/16/12 7:10 AM, George Olson wrote:

I looked up TOR. It does look interesting, and thanks for the link that
shows that it is best not used through a torrent client. Although I
wonder if the same applies to ktorrent. Do torrent clients by nature use
UDP protocol?

As far as other anonymity, what about things like skype calls and email?
Do those you TCP streams so that they can be protected by TOR?

Really your best bet is a VPN service, but you do have to pay for them
most of the time. Many are located overseas in areas with better privacy
laws and keep no logs, or a minimal amount of logs. There is a review of
VPN providers based on privacy (not just P2P policies) at

If it supports L2TP, PPTP, and especially OpenVPN, then it will work
with Linux. L2TP and PPTP support is a little more finicky most of the time.

Email should work via tor, but because it's insecure, whoever is running
the exit node could read your email messages. Skype is encrypted, but
performance over tor is probably unacceptable. Bittorrent over tor is
not very kind, and many exit nodes block bittorrent as best they can
because they are the ones that end up receiving the DMCA notices.

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