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Re: [opensuse] Which openSUSE (evergreen/tumbleweed) for home server?

On Sat, Apr 7, 2012 at 7:25 PM, Patrick Shanahan <paka@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
First question is, which "version?" I mean, just the regular, some
evergreen or tumbleweed?

evergreen is particular opensuse versions designated for longer term
support by volunteers.

tumbleweed is "rolling release" supported primarly by Gregg KH,

I have a server running 11.2-evergreen and have been satisfied.

Since I'm currently running 11.3, I can't really go down. Would be
really difficult. Might as well go up... as it seems that there will
not be 11.3 evergreen.

imnsho, either would be a good choice.  Evergreen is targeted at five
years, iirc, and you would probably be replacing hardware about then.
Tumbleweed will last as long as it is popular.  Both depend on supporters.

For a home server w/o outside access, I would guess any version would do
as long as you don't have hardware difficulties.

I do have outside access (ssh, regular web some times and some times
some experimental node.js services). Still I'm not that worried about
not getting updates, but the problem is that I cannot install stuff
anymore on the 11.3 as the repos have somehow disappeared.

Sounds like evergreen would be better supported but as I'm not on
supported version of that, I should probably go for 12.1 and

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