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Re: [opensuse] Stumped
* Billie Walsh <bilwalsh@xxxxxxxxxx> [02-14-12 11:49]:
On 02/14/2012 09:45 AM, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Billie Walsh<bilwalsh@xxxxxxxxxx> [02-14-12 10:40]:

Getting kind of long but I left it all there anyway.

no need :^(

Did you find kfilebox in Yast or ............?

Yast, Appers and File Search [webpin] can't seem to find their arse with
both hands, or either hand. File Search keeps coming back with a 404 error
for everything. Yast just says "Not Found".

search for "kfilebox"
I find 6 listings today.

But, isn't finding and installing software packages the purpose of Yast?
When you search for a package that is supplied from openSUSE repos shouldn't
Yast be able to find it and install it?

You answered your own question :^)

If you have the proper repos set up that is.

so you now have need of

I'm not sure the purpose of Package Search. That's something "new" since my
last foray into SuSE. It says it's supposed to search the web for packages.
Maybe it's supposed to search places like the link above. But all it ever
returns is a 404 error.

webpin is broken and has been since 11.4, perhaps earlier.

Appers looks to me like a KDE package manager that is a KDE based
alternative to Yast.

one of the first apps I removed. I am old and like the keyboard and
utilize text for as much as I find handy and zypper is king. But, again
zypper will only work with the repos that are configured.

If the only way to find the software you need is to search for it from
Firefox, or your favorite browser, why do you need Yast and the rest?

YaST is *not* only about installing packages :^)
as far as the "rest", that is somewhat ambiguous.

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