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[opensuse] Re: OT - Firefox 10 / TB, LK, OpnSse...etc...
John Andersen wrote:

On 2/3/2012 9:06 AM, David C. Rankin wrote:

I fully agree. Having two choices seems rational, and most of the plugin issues
have gone away anyway by the time you get to 10.

By gone away, you mean their compatibility fell away during earlier
releases, so by the time you get to 10, with nothing supported there is no
pain in upgrading?

Or do you mean I can take my 3.6 profile and upgrade it to 10 and I
shouldn't expect any compatibility problems?

I feel like I'm supporting some extensions now with bailing wire and
duct tape... one of the first things I do with a new browser download is install
cromebug that works with it, and unpack all the .xpi files so I can see what's
blown up this time... Oi!

Since every mail account I use is IMAP, swapping out one MUA for another is not
a problem. I might feel differently if I was still running POP accounts. (why would I run pop?)

Thunderbird 3.x series and above was to default treating user
email accounts as though they were 'far away [i.e. POP] storage... thus
more than once as some machine or another has been upgraded on purpose or by accident or forgetfulness or feeling masochistic, I've gotten a 6GB store maid of my IMAP dir in some local mail store or another.

And then there was the time I setup a folder to auto expire, only to have *all* my archives going back 10 years be 'expired'... thank Goddess for backups... (still not sure how the setting got propagated, but it did... I found it on every expired folder... *ouch*...

Of course 2.x has become a bit unstable with Win' rolling over a choking on 45+ minute profile syncs at login/logout, and zero random files in random extensions... tthen I don't understand why my working copies stop working --
seems to mostly happen with TB and FFX... though now days, I knwo enough just to
'tar up a working profile and untar it in the place of the corrupt one... also helps keep my profiles synced......

Backporting real security fixes to something as old as 3.x is just as risky as updating to
a later build.

Good thing I stick with my backporting to 2.x... ;-)

This seems to be a political issue, perhaps there is some friction between Mozilla and

?!? Really? Can't imagine why, they way they each like to move full
steam in each of their areas -- imaging an area you thought was stable becoming unstable as the same time the stuff you are working on... surprise... (of course
now that you say it, in some ways, the projects are very similar in energy... so
maybe its a case of too much alike and not seeing it?

We see wholesale adoption of many things way too soon,
(systemd, entire kde 4.0,
Pulse Audio, kmail2 etc. etc. etc.) but then we are stuck multiple releases back
on Mozilla apps. Why the dichotomy?

Good Q. But me-- I boot w/o a ram disk, and use FF3.6/TB2.x.. (yeah, planning upgrades... (have even tried out newer versions... (was easier than porting the old ones to new platforms...)...

An my kernel -- it's not even at 3.2 yet, (still running 3.1.2... )..

hey that reminds me -- gotta go get the patches for imq for 3.2...

(ads a wrinkle to my build process...)...

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