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Re: [opensuse] Re: Reboot Fails After 12.1 64Bit Installation?
El sáb, 04-02-2012 a las 05:48 -0500, Jesse Palser escribió:
On 2/4/2012 5:39 AM, jdd wrote:
Le 04/02/2012 10:20, Jesse Palser a écrit :

So I burned the DVD, put a new HDD into computer and installed it.

I see only one disk in your specs, you removed completely the old one?

is it still seen by the bios (at startup)?

Installation appears to be successful, but when it tries to reboot
after install

the install include one reboot before finishing, is this that reboot
that fail or the next one?

Anyone have any idea what the problem is
and how to successfully install openSUSE 12.1 64Bit
onto my computer?

usually give little problem - the nomodeset option is sometime needed
(and adding it as default crashes other systems :-()



Old HDD was completely removed from the computer,
and a brand new HDD was installed into computer.
(computer just has one new HDD and no others)

The reboot just after installing fails.

How do I add "nomodset" to the install procedure?



Presuming you did HDD format before installing the operating system,

To add "nomodeset". When the splash screen shows you should write down
nomodeset on screen and it usually writes on the line, or when the
screen appears just move arrow keys down and write it on the line below
floppy option.

I would not bet for this early option because Nouveau-Mesa drivers
usually recognize (more or less) your Nvidia Adapter Card. The problems
come after (if any) you run your system with Desktop Effects or High
demanding graphisc processing.

Ultimately, If you have a LiveCD and you can run it with no graphic
issues. You will have a high probability no issues when installing the
operatin system.

Ricardo Chung | Panama
Linux Ambassador
openSUSE Projects

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