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Re: [opensuse] Reboot Fails After 12.1 64Bit Installation?
On Saturday, February 04, 2012 05:31 AM Per Jessen wrote:
Jesse Palser wrote:
Reboot Fails After 12.1 64Bit Installation?


I've been waiting a long time for a great Linux distribution.
(been running Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 7 HP 64Bit for over a year)

I tried openSUSE 12.1 64Bit in VirtualBox and it looks and ran
fantastically. So I burned the DVD, put a new HDD into computer and
installed it. Installation appears to be successful, but when it tries
to reboot after install it does not reboot and the screen shown is
garbled graphic?

Can you be more specific about "it does not reboot"? E.g. do you see the
grub boot manager? If it's a graphics issue, you could try
adding "nomodeset" to the command line when booting.

(if I reset the computer, I get an operating system is not found


That sounds like a hardware issue.


First, while the guys here on this mailing list are uber qualified to help you,
it might actually be a faster ticket to use the user forums. They deal with
installation issues multiple times every day seeing the same symptoms
repeatedly and have quick procedures for diagnosis and resolution.

That said . . . the operating system not found error message comes from the
Windows MBR. There are several conclusions you can take from this: First,
grub was obviously not installed to the MBR. Second, the "active" (aka
"bootable") flag has been changed from the Windows primary partition to another
primary partition; if you installed openSUSE to a primary it will be that
partition that now has the flag set, if you installed openSUSE to a logical
partition it will be the extended primary (usually the 4th primary) inside of
which the logicals reside. There are various ways to return the machine to
booting Windows and/or to even have Windows 7 control the booting of openSUSE.
Do you know which partition openSUSE was installed to? And do you by chance
have a Live-CD or Live-DVD of any flavor?

Next, are you certain that the installation was complete. There is a step
before the last hardware configuration where the installation restarts itself.
Depending on the hardware, that can be an in-place restart or it may reboot
the machine. Sometimes when the latter is done there is an issue because of
some hardware tweak still needed, and the installation has not actually
completed. So can you verify whether the installation went to full
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