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Re: [opensuse] KDE 4.7 , opensuse 11.4 64bit.
C said the following on 08/05/2011 08:08 AM:
On Fri, Aug 5, 2011 at 13:36, Anton Aylward<opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Locking prevents user error. You place the widgets, arrange things,
and then toggle the lock. They don't shift around anymore.

Just so.
I size and align them.
One reboot they are 'not right any more'
shifted and resized.
The couple of 'Folder View' I have on my desktop seem particularly

What KDE4 version?

4.7 of course. From K:D:F

> I'm on 4.7 Factory and it's rock solid right now (barring
KMail issues as discussed on the mailing list). KDE4.6.2 in the
default 11.4 install should be fine too... I had not probs there

See also my post about items in the 'recently used' part of the kick-off menu that do not survive a logout.

And yes, I've 'cleared' the list and it comes back on next login.

And icon locking doesn't affect that.

Possible causes? Not lockign the widgets? An old KDE4 config in your
/home? Have you tried with a clean KDE4 config?

Oh Sh**! Why do I have to keep wiping this out?
Why can't you (plural) say what rc file to zap instead of hitting the whole ~/.kde4/share tree?

This is akin to fixing problems in Widows by re-installation.
I thought we were better than that!

> Sometimes debris
laying about from old releases.. like 4.2 or 4.3 has caused issues.

so what you're saying is because I've been a faithful KDE4 user since 4.0 rather tan one of those recidivist that gripe about how much better 3.5 is, someone who hung in there, I'm suffering for it.

And to be honest, I'd done what you (plural) people say and wiped ~/.kde4 many times, last just a couple of weeks ago when, having problems with a url in T'Bird opening in Firefox ended up with me having to delete all of ~/.kde4. (Go read that thread for details)

I'm fed up of having to do diffs on snapshots of ~./.kde4/ to restore my settings and other data.

Why can't you just tell me a specific rc files under ~./.kde4/share/config to edit

Other than that... no idea. I use KDE4.6 and 4.7 on multiple
machines, on multiple hardware configs (laptops, netbooks, desktops
etc.) and it's consistent across all installs/reboots... it works as

For the most part mine does too, its just these little annoyances; I can live with them like I can live with having to shovel snow in winter.
Yes, I could move south but for the most part I like it here.

What annoys me is that when I do have problems like this, which I try to ask "is it me and config or is it a bug", I get replies from (some) people saying "I don't have that problem" but they don't try to help me find what the problem is.

Some people _DO_ help. Enough that I think openSUSE is the best supported Linux. I never got positive support from the Mandriva lists!

I just wish that there was a problem determination path other than "delete ~./.kde4".

And, Clayton, I wiped ~/.kde4 and let KDE rebuild it just two weeks ago with that TB/FF issue. The only "backup" was a .tar.gz of "baskets". Setting were all done from the control panel(s).

So no, I don't think its debris from 4.2 or 4.3.

And I don't have these problems, widgets or 'recently used' programs, nor the ones with TB/FF, with the Fedora-15 box at the other end of my desk. So its a config, or possibly an interaction between parts, problem.

And if you don't have the problem then assuredly its a config issue.

And if I wiped `./.kde4 just before 4.7 and let KDE rebuild except for my adding widgets (weather, temp, cpu load) and klipper, mixer, and settings of pager and task manager, then there is some interaction between all those that is ... strange. I don't imagine I have the same set of widget s set up the same way you do, Clayton, so what else could it be?
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