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Re: [opensuse] Nvidia vs ATI [OT: Sandy Bridge]
On 2011/07/21 10:30 (GMT+0300) Stan Goodman composed:

Felix Miata wrote:

Xorg.0.log has no EDID block, which means it's missing or broken.

This is not a new monitor. I bought it when LCD monitors were still
quite novel. Perhaps the necessity for a monitor to send its biography
to its host hadn't yet been realized.

One LCD, rather old, built January 2003, but purchased by me off eBay only this year, that I use on a 24/7 machine has good EDID, which really wasn't that new even back then. Is yours even older?

Maybe what I really need is a new
monitor. Except that they no longer come with a 4x3 aspect ratio, which
is a bummer.

I too don't like TVs sold as puter displays. Less wide 16:10 models were still about last I looked, just less common than baby TVs.

Yours wasn't 4:3 either. 1280x1024 is 5:4, which still exists online, though uncommonly in retail stores:

4:3 still can be had in 1600x1200 while to replace what I'm using to write this with ATM would require or equivalent, rather less common but not yet dead.

I can't swap, end for end or otherwise; there is no connector at the
monitor end, it's connected permanently.

I'm not sure I can recall ever seeing any LCD lacking separable cords, but as you say, yours is old.

Yes, I have a live Ubuntu 8.

No Sandy Bridge support in anything so old. To get something other than 1024x768 or worse you'd need something released this year, preferably post-11.4.
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