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Re: [opensuse] Installation of 11.4 fails: Error 22 for GRUB --- now also Windows disappeared!
Felix Miata wrote:
On 2011/07/06 11:54 (GMT+0100) Oliver Kullmann composed:

On Wed, Jul 06, 2011 at 11:44:31AM +0100, Dave Howorth wrote:

Oliver Kullmann wrote:

> the Suse installation process can't repartition anything (so it
> says).

Perhaps there's a language issue here. The above is a general assertion
that opensuse installer can't do something. What you meant (it appears -
see below) is that it told you that it can't partition your particular disk.

Eh? You can repartition when you install opensuse. Where do you
think it
says it can't?

At point (translated from German) "system check" in the installation
process a box shows up with

"The partitioning on /dev/sda can not be performed by parted.
You can take over the partitions. You can format them and mount them.
However, with this tool you can not add partitions, edit them, remove
them, or change their size."

Sounds like what you bought was an EFI boot laptop, and parted outside
of YaST2 cannot deal with it.

OK, so it's likely the disk has a GPT instead of MSDOS partitions, and
opensuse installer uses parted that can't handle it. So you need to run
a system from DVD and then use gparted or something that can deal with GPT.

There may be something useful in these links:

Given that \efi\SuSE\elilo.efi exists, I'm surprised the installer
apparently doesn't handle this case.
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