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Re: [opensuse] Idle Time Garbage Collection (ITGC) On (openSUSE) Linux
On Sunday June 12 2011, Greg Freemyer wrote:


I'm not a SSD designer, etc., but I like to keep up and I have talked
to a couple "data recovery" people that have tried to reverse
engineer how a SSD works.

The below is based on that process, and may not relate to reality at
all, but I think it is pretty close.


Hope that helps

Thanks again.

I've kind of got two threads going in my mind on this topic. One is I'd
like to have a decent understanding of the technology. Your Wiki and
this post have helped a lot (actually, I've yet to read that most
recent post, but I will).

The other thing I'd like is a high-level overview of which filesystems
(and which options) work well (in what ways) on SSDs. I've found a
couple of articles by the Ts'o guy about properly formatting
(partitioning) and SSD for optimum performance. But the Phoronix
benchmarks I found looked all over the map and the associated
discussion on their bulletin board raised all sorts of questions about
which options to use and the consequences for speed and data safety.

So far, it's more a confusion to me than any kind of enlightenment. I
hope that I can learn enough by Tuesday evening when my SSD card
arrives to put it to reasonably good use.

C'est la vie. C'est la guerre...

Randall Schulz
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