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[opensuse] incomplete shutdown
My desktop PC (with openSUSE 11.4) does not shutdown completely at times. This
is very worrying as one of the steps missed is the unmounting of file systems.
Then of course on the next boot-up the file systems are found unclean.
Unfortunately I have also lost data because of this. I started collecting
evidence about the problem by making video recordings of shutdown messages. I
compared a complete shutdown with an incomplete one and found that the
messages up to "Running /etc/init.d/halt.local" were present in both videos
(in a different order). Then the following messages were missing from the
incomplete shutdown:

Turning off swap files
Set Hardware Clock to the current System Time
Unmounting file systems
none has been unmounted
/dev/md6 has been unmounted
/dev/md7 has been unmounted
Shutting down MD Raid
Stopping udevd:

After that both videos finished with the same messages:

Sending all processes the TERM signal...
Sending all processes the KILL signal...
The system will be halted immediately.

The above two videos were recorded about 2 hours apart, first the complete
then the incomplete one. I did nothing special in between - used digiKam,
checked my e-mail etc. I did not update my system or changed any system files.
Any ideas how to track down / fix this problem?
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