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Re: [opensuse] Exporting with OOo/Libre.
Hallo Ken Schneider - openSUSE, op 2011-05-03 17:03 schreef je:
On 05/03/2011 10:32 AM, Fr David Ousley pecked at the keyboard and

I have to send documents to people using windows, but my
documents are .odt. I can tell oowriter to save a copy, say, as
.doc, but then oowriter switches to that document, instead of
staying with the original .odt. I have to remember that, and
reopen the .odt file before writing anything else.

I wonder if there would be an utility, a button, a macro, to
say: "save another copy for windows users" in .doc, .docx, etc.
And keep OO with my .odt opened.

There is also the handy MultiSave extension (Tools > Extension
Manager), which allows you to save to .doc or .pdf or both as well
as .odt, and does not change the .odt that you are editing. Works
well for me.

And what is the name of the extension you installed? I looked through
the "Get more extensions online..." list and didn't see anything
there. (Could be my eyes missed it.)

It's "Multisave" indeed, but it doesn't appear in the (er... my)
Extension Manager.

Neither is it on the list on

But here it is:

It's called "StarXpert MultiSave 1.2.1"
(MultiSave enables you to save simultaneoulsly a document in the
OpenDocument, MS Office and/or PDF formats as you choose.)

It works.

After install I tried to update, but that was asked too much:

"Fout tijdens downloaden van extensie MultiSave. De foutmelding is:
Could not download

Could not download

De extensie wordt niet geïnstalleerd."
(fout = error)

The cause is obvious that is

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