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Re: [opensuse] Still dongal hassles other wise known as general netwoking
On 02/05/11 20:06, Peter Nikolic wrote:
I Really dont understand this list ..

I have an issue her that IS a show stopper absolutely and yet when i attempt to
get assistance i get a reply fron ONE person thanks by the way

but people that claim this sort of thing is easy just sit back and dont or cant
even be bothered to answer and it is disgusting to put it even mildly i know
there are people with attitude that think they are above answering mere mortal
long time users like me but that is not going to help any is it

Maybe people genuinely don't know the answer.


Machine involed is an eMachines eM250 KAV60 with broadcom wirless working fine
ethernet port working fine but where this machine lives the only way to get a
broadband connection is via a mobile broadband dongal which i have got loading
and connecting , This is where the fun begins i can not get a route out onto the
route returns
Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface U 0 0 0 ppp0 U 0 0 0 lo UG 0 0 0 ppp0

ifconfig returns a PtoP address of

I have tried to get a connection using NetworkManagement ( the plasmoid version
the machine is running OS11.4 i586 with KDE4.6.0 and the stock off the disc

plasmoid networkmangment crashes out as soon i i try to configure the mobile
connection and is hit an miss with the wifi and hardwired connections once
again this is using the Plasmoid version .

Try with gnome nm-applet is the only suggestion I can come up with.

I have similar problems on my own laptop which is a 64 bit Compaq machine but
with similar hardware otherwise but i can get that to connect if i wait long
enough after pluging in the dongal about 10 mins and it will normally connect
but not on the emachines netbook cant get a route out no matter what i do

so i guess there are people out there that know the secret spell i need it the
machine is due to head back out into the wilds on wednesday it need to be
working .

Pete .

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