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Re: [opensuse] Still dongal hassles other wise known as general netwoking
On Tuesday 03 May 2011 06:39:02 C wrote:
On Mon, May 2, 2011 at 21:06, Peter Nikolic wrote:
I Really dont understand this list ..

I have an issue her that IS a show stopper absolutely and yet when i
attempt to get assistance i get a reply fron ONE person thanks by the

but people that claim this sort of thing is easy just sit back and dont
or cant even be bothered to answer and it is disgusting to put it even
mildly i know there are people with attitude that think they are above
answering mere mortal long time users like me but that is not going to
help any is it

If you think that the reason you're not getting an answer is because
the other list members think it's beneath them to answer your
question, you are being a very big fool.

I dont tink so for the simple reason Every question i ask these days goes
virtually UN answered excet for a couple of early reply's

BTW Thanks to those that CAN be bothered to reply

ethernet port working fine but where this machine lives the only way to
get a broadband connection is via a mobile broadband dongal which i
have got loading and connecting , This is where the fun begins i can not
get a route out onto the

This is something that hardly anyone has used here. I've worked on
these silly things myself and it's hit/miss whether they work or not.
They barely work in Linux in most cases, and where they do work,
openSUSE support is very limited if it's there at all.

Even though I've spent days/weeks working on getting a 3G mobile
network dongle working in openSUSE, I don't have any answer or
suggestion for you because I simply don't know, and it's highly likely
that no one else who read your email does either.

What do you want.. 1486 replies of "Sorry, don't know"?


There is a problem it is very OS 11.3 and 11.4 based other distros have no
problem Slax + umtsmon no problem Slackware + umtsmon no problem Sabayon
+ umtsmon works fine but OS 11.3.or 11.4 umtsmon (downloaded from an suse
dongal connects but no routeout yea right

Pete .

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