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Re: [OT] [opensuse] I'm stuck - SSL Certs / email server
On 4/29/11 11:29 AM, Mihira Fernando wrote:
On 04/29/2011 09:33 PM, Jim Flanagan wrote:
If its the sender address, then postfix doesnt care. If its the authentication user name, then you have to see if cyrus sasl is accepting this form since postfix simply passes authentication over to cyrus and if cyrus says its authentic, postfix allows relaying.
Are you using username@ip.address format for the envelope sender address or the authentication user name ?
To authenticate I'm using only user name, with no @ip.address. For sender address I have username@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (not FQDN).
If it is getting authenticated, then postfix doesnt care about the sender address. So, if its getting rejected now, it means the session probably does not get authenticated.

Mails are not being rejected, just can't access with Thunderbird mail client using imap with security turned on.

On the other hand if you are trying to receive mail for username@ip.address (recipient email address ), then AFAIK, postfix will not accept mail as it only accepts for the list in the mydestination (and relay_domains,virtual_domains).

Postfix does accept emails from my old server using username@[ip.address] (again on the local lan). The problem is accessing them with either SSL or TLS enabled in the client. Accessing them with no security turned on is working fine.
when you say accessing them with SSL or TLS, are you referring to the IMAP access ? cause thats not a postfix issue.

Yes, this seems to be an imap issue. Can't for the life of me figure out what is wrong.

BTW, Is there any particular reason why you are using cyrus sasl with dovecot imap ?

I don't intend to be using dovecot, but rather cyrus imap. Where do you see I'm using dovecot? Now that you mention it, postconf -c returns both cyrus and dovecot. I don't see where dovecot is nor is it installed AFAIK. This perhaps is the problem.
No, thats my bad. I mixed up someone else's reply with yours. Your config suggests it is using cyrus (default for postfix) for sasl.

No problem.

Jim F
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